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How we reward behaviour

We are committed to creating an environment where exemplary behaviour is at the heart of productive learning

Everyone is expected to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, to accept responsibility for their behaviour and encourage others to do the same.

Our behaviour policy guides staff to teach self-discipline not blind compliance. It echoes our core values with a heavy emphasis on respectful behaviour, a partnership approach to managing poor conduct and dynamic interventions that support staff and learners. Our practice is trauma-informed. The school has 3 simple rules ‘Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe’ which can be applied to a variety of situations and are taught and modelled explicitly. We also understand that for some children following our behaviour expectations are beyond their developmental level.

In this case, these children will have bespoke relational support plans which may include rewards to reinforce positive behaviour.

How we reward behaviour:

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Teaching Great Behaviour

We believe all behaviour is communication and always seek first to understand. Behaviour is directly linked to wellbeing, so we actively teach and praise excellent behaviour, to reinforce treating each other with kindness.

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Oracy, Emotional Literacy and Zones of Regulation

As a school, we develop children’s oracy and its link to emotional literacy by building in time throughout the day to check in with how they are feeling and talking through how to cope with it. All classrooms have a Zones of Regulation display which is referred to across the day.

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Celebration Assembly (Student of the Week)

Our celebration assembly is on a Friday, where two children from each class will be chosen for student of the week. The child will have consistently gone “over and above” in our school rules and values during the week. The children are selected at the beginning of the assembly and receive a certificate from the Head. They then take their seat pride of place on “the best seats in the house” for the duration of the assembly.

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Always Club

Two children from each class are selected weekly (by the class teachers) for always making great choices, and have hot chocolate and a chat with the Headteacher or SLT. This could be for Always being kind during that week or Always giving 100% to learning that week for example.

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High Quality PSHE and PE Teaching

We teach emotional literacy through high quality, outstanding PSHE, where children have space to learn about emotions and social situations and how to express how they are feeling. Children learn about the link between physical and mental wellbeing in high quality PE provision also.Targeted Interventions

We run a range of interventions to develop emotional literacy such as outdoor learning groups, small group friendship interventions, mentoring and regular mental health check-ins.

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Collective point earning

Students in each class collectively earn points for amazing behaviour. These points are used to “spend” on an intrinsic prize, as agreed bythe class i.e. park trip, pizza party.

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Build relationships with parents/carers

We hold regular events for parents and carers, with the intention of building exceptional relationships with families. These include: weekly general newsletter, subject specific newsletters i.e. “How to talk to your child about ___”, regular coffee mornings, exhibitions of children’s work, family reading, parents evening, positive phone calls home etc.