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Music is an integral part of daily life at our school

At Streatham Wells we are widely known for our high-quality music provision.

We aim to guide all of our children to acquire an interest in and curiosity towards music from a variety of different styles, times and places, consequently developing an appreciation of music that will stay with them beyond their years with us.

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Our offer for all children

Children participate weekly in class music sessions and singing sessions and also have opportunities offered from peripatetic tutors in Guitar, Piano and Recorder.

Children have ample opportunities to perform to an audience also.

Peripatetic Music Lessons

Children are able to learn a range of instruments with our fantastic team of peripatetic tutors, and we have a track record of encouraging enthusiastic pupils to fulfil their musical potential. To sign up for lessons, fill out our expression of interest form below.

A whole-school aproach to music...

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Ensembles and choirs

All children participate in singing ensembles with a variety of performances across the year such as EYFS and KS1 Winter Show, International Evening in the spring term, Disney Performance, Year 6 Show.

Children in KS2 perform as recorder, drums, brass and samba band ensembles depending on which instrument they are learning.

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Music Leaders

A select few children in year 6 are chosen to be Music Leaders, a role which promotes the good practice of music lessons and ensembles as well as being there to support children’s instrumental learning.

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Curriculum Music

At Streatham Wells all children are encouraged to become enthusiastic music makers. Each child is taught to compose, perform, listen to and appraise music from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Each topic involves children being exposed to music from a particular genre, culture and/or time. All topics have listening, appreciation and performance aspects and most also involve an element of composition.

Throughout their time with us, children’s learning is supported by having opportunities to listen to live music, including from professional musicians, both in school and through visiting other venues. Find our Curriculum Map for Music on our Music Curriculum page.

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All children are exposed to a wide variety of song genres during weekly singing lessons. They learn aural skills and are taught how to sing correctly, learning how to use their whole body to apply vocal techniques to create effects for a variety of purposes. Singing is also incorporated into our whole school productions and assemblies where children get to experience the wellbeing benefits that singing with others is proven to deliver.​

All children are invited to join the Disney Performance Group without an audition, which performs at various venues throughout the year including local schools and stage venues. Children performed the Lion King at the LyceumTheatre in 2022!