Sarah Wordlaw - headteacher of Streatham Wells Primary School working with a Year 3 student

Meet the Headteacher

Education is powerful.

It has the power to make positive, sustained change to both individual’s lives, but also society as a whole. At Streatham Wells we recognise that there is no greater privilege than teaching: growing hearts and minds.

We pride ourselves on a curriculum that questions, inspires and promotes excellence. A curriculum which allows space for critical thinking and the development of ideas and language.  A curriculum which is actively anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic and anti-ableist. We strive to deliver learning experiences which are tailored to children’s needs and interests and furthermore which develop strength of character, resilience and deep sense of belonging and identity.


At Streatham Wells, we demand high standards of learning, behaviour and kindness. The school has a rich and successful history of excellence, creativity and most importantly, a family feel.


We want our children to leave Streatham Wells not just with the capacity to be leaders of tomorrow but also empathetic and compassionate individuals who care about the world and people around them.


We warmly welcome visitors to our school and look forward to sharing all the school has to offer. Get in touch!

Sarah Wordlaw


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