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Wrap around care

Care beyond the school day

We know that many parents need wrap-around care for their children; we therefore provide up breakfast club and after school club, from 8am to 6pm.

Breakfast Club runs from 8am to 8:45am and costs £3.75
After School Club runs from 3.30 to 6:00pm and costs £12.00/day

Breakfast Club

Morning sessions include a choice of healthy breakfast foods such as porridge, fresh fruit, cereals and toast and toppings. Cost of Breakfast Club is £3.75 per day, payable in advance.

Please note: Places are limited and cannot be used on an ad hoc basis.  Places will be offered on a first come, first served basis.  Children who haven’t registered will not be accepted

After school club

In the afternoon we provide a range of indoor and outdoor activities and games for children, in a relaxed environment. We employ our own staff rather than using an outside contractor, so your children will already know some of the team, having worked with them during the core school day.

How to book



Parents can book regular slots a term in advance via the school office.

Slots may also be booked on an ad hoc basis, again payment needs to be made in advance and availability cannot be guaranteed - once each session is at full capacity then no further slots can be offered. As we operate a waiting list, it is not possible for parents to ‘swap’ their children’s places.


can book

All parents, including those of new Reception children, have equal opportunity to book. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Get in touch

The school office is staffed from 8.00am to 4.30pm. Outside these hours please use the After School Club on 0208 683 9761.

Everything you need to know about breakfast & after school clubs:

Cost of Breakfast Club is £3.75 per day, payable in advance  

In order to register your child and be placed on the waiting list, please speak to the school office on

Please note: Places are limited and cannot be used on an ad hoc basis.  Places will be offered on a first come, first served basis.  Children who haven’t registered will not be accepted.

All payments made via the school gateway:

We provide high quality provision for children at the school who require child care up until 6.00pm, Monday –Friday.

(Please note that at present we can only offer term time.)

The club is run by:

  • Claudette Plummer-Williams – After School Club Leader
  • Madge Francis, Charlie Territt, Bunmi Odunsanya, Tahira Chowdhry – After School Club Worker
  • Janet Letford-James – AfterSchool Club Cook

Breakfast club offers healthy breakfasts, such as cereals, fruit juice, yoghurts, beans on toast and fruit.

After school club menu offers dinner with foods such as:

  • Jacket potato with choice of cheese/tuna or baked beans filling, all served with salad.
  • Yoghurts
  • Apples & pears

We have been working with School Food Matters to ensure that our food offer is healthy and nutritious.

Children do lots of different activities during breakfast and after school club, like arts and crafts, construction, board games, outdoor games, imaginative play and many other activities.  Each day will have a focus activity which will be displayed on the club notice board.

Our aim is for the children to enjoy coming to the club, to access the resources they want to play with and to help tidy up when they have finished with them.

Breakfast and After School Club is accesible to all children within our community, from Nursery to Year 6.

You can book via the school office, please contact us on

Fees are payable through School Gateway or Child Tax Credits. Please speak to the office for more details.

We may be able to support pupil premium families with Breakfast and After School Club, on a case by case basis. Please get in touch with Sarah on

We are normally able to accomodate all children who request places at Breakfast and After School Club.

Non-attendance at a pre-booked session at either Breakfast Club After School Club will be charged for, unless your child is sick.

On the rare occasion that the school has to close unexpectedly, i.e. extreme bad weather, the centre will also be closed and therefore no service available. You will not be charged in these circumstances.

Parents/Carers are to ring on the buzzer, selecting "BC and ASC". The team will let you in and you can walk around to collect your children.

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You can contact the team on 0208 683 9761

On the rare occasion that you may be delayed it would be very useful if you phone to let us know, we can also reassure your child that someone will be on their way to take them home.

Late fees will be charged as follows:

After 6.00pm – £10.00 per child + £10.00 for every extra 10 minutes

e.g.  6.10pm  £20.00 per child

Due to our Safeguarding Children Policy two staff must be present while children are being cared for; therefore if a child is left after 6.00pm, we have to pay two staff for the extra time.

Our policy after 6.10pm is that staff will attempt to contact all phone numbers that you have supplied, if they are unable to contact a responsible adult who can collect your child then the next step is to contact Social Care at Lambeth.

We expect the same exemplary behaviour that we expect during the school day. Children are to be respectful to each other, staff and the environment, and follow instructions the first time. If a child is struggling to be respectful, the staff will meet with the parent/carer to discuss how to move forward.

Both breakfast club and after school club are staffed by our Streatham Wells staff, therefore are highly trained in safeguarding. Both Kim (Breakfast Club) and Claudette (After School Club) are Designated Safeguarding Leads.

All staff are first aid trained and are qualified to treat any accidents. Any treatment is recorded on paper and shared with the parent/carer upon collection, or would call if it were more serious.

We regualrly check our premises to ensure the classroom and outdoor spaces used are safe and stimulating for children.

There is a comments box in the reception area, we also have a ‘Compliments and Criticisms’ file kept in the office and we regularly ask parents to complete questionnaires about our services.  Should you have a complaint please let us know.  This will be recorded, the staff will then discuss the complaint and decide on any action that we need to take, you will then be informed.  This will be given a date to review.  If you feel unable to discuss the matter with us you may either record your complaint with;

a) Sarah Wordlaw – Head Teacher, Streatham Wells Primary School or

b) Fill in a complaints form which you can find on the website under ‘policies’