Child in a classroom setting sat at a desk looking enchanted by what is happening off camera

How to raise a concern

Great communication means we all achieve

We know that great communication means that we all achieve the best for our children – that is why we are determined to continue to improve the way that we communicate.

Communication is a two-way process. At StreathamWells Primary we expect all communication to and from our staff to be timely, polite, respectful and professional. If at any time, either party feels threatened or prejudiced the communication should be politely stopped and escalated to the appropriate person in our escalation system.

Throughout the year there will be several opportunities to talk with your child’s class teacher. Parents evenings are inAutumn and Spring term. You can also book at phone call or meeting with yourchild’s class teacher by speaking to them at the end of the day or by emailing

In addition, the Senior Leadership Team will beavailable on the playground at drop-off and pick-up daily. However, we knowthat this is not convenient for all families so you can also contact us byemail.