Moon Week Unveils Celestial Wonders at Streatham Wells

November 13, 2023
Sarah Wordlaw

Prepare for an astronomical adventure as Moon Week descends upon Streatham Wells!

Starting on Monday, we welcome a unique visitor to our school – none other than the Moon itself! Our young learners will delve into the mysteries of moon rock and soil, generously provided by the Science and Technology Facilities Council. Equipped with USB microscopes, the children will explore the lunar landscape, discovering how these celestial treasures were collected and diving into the excitement of the space race.

Parents and carers, mark your calendars for Thursday at 3:10 pm when we invite you to witness firsthand the lunar exploration in our school hall. Please note that due to the priceless nature of these lunar objects, we are unable to share online until after December 8th, when they will have left our premises. Your cooperation in preserving this unique experience is greatly appreciated.

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